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My passion is helping others

Supporting people has been my calling in life and I feel priveliged to have shared so many precious moments with my clients on their journeys of self discovery.

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Below is a beautiful heartfelt poem written by somebody I have recently helped:


A few more examples of what people had to say about my counselling service:

I was quite nervous about starting therapy but Kam made me feel safe, she never judged me and I felt comfortable talking to her about my difficult marital relationship.

– Sarah

Kam has a good balance of empathy, humour and professionalism. She helped me overcome my low self esteem and to overcome binge eating.”

– Mohammed

I sought Kam out as I am a muslim woman, and my issues were around my crisis of identity, faith and marriage. I wanted a fresh perspective balanced with an understanding of my faith and culture which Kam was able to provide. I never needed to explain what the cultural and religious expectations were as she knew which helped me to focus on the deeper issues of my anxiety. It just helps speaking to someone who ‘gets’ you, thanks for all your support Kam.”

– Dil

For as long as I could remember, I suffered from depression, anxiety and anger. I sought help from this service, and over 8 months, I was able to identify the root of my debilitating symptoms, which inevitably impacted on my relationships with others. I tell all of my friends that the patience, insight and professionalism shown has changed my life, as these symptoms have virtually disappeared, and I am now able to cope with life’s challenges without a deep sense of hopelessness and dread. I would say that Person Centred Therapy was pivotal in this healing process.  It was worth every penny. I believe that everyone would benefit from counselling and anyone who expresses an interest is referred to Talkwell counselling”.

– Lucy

I have been to several counsellors over the past 10 years but have to admit that seeing Kam had the biggest impact. She has a knack for hearing the unsaid stuff, reading between the lines, and always noticing when im filtering stuff. She is kind, warm and considerate, she knows her stuff too!”

– Mark

I was quite anxious about coming into therapy because of what my friends and family would think so I kept it a secret from them. I was made to feel reassured about the process which helped me to reconnect with myself without feeling guilty or selfish. Im more able to focus on whats important to me now.”

– Simon

I was worried about my exams and couldnt shift the anxiety around achieving straight A’s to please my parents. Counselling helped me to look at the root causes of my anxiety and enabled me to feel confident enough to share my thoughts with my parents in a way which meant they actually heard me.”

– Shoiab

Being adopted I never knew my birth family which has impacted me greatly. With Kams help I was able to process feelings of hurt, rejection and abandonment. Even now at 58 I still feel that loss of identity but I have accepted things for what they are and appreciate the patience and care that Kam has shown me on my journey of self acceptance.”

– Anna

Kam listened to me and never judged me as I shared my struggle with self harm, she accepted me for who I am and never made me feel any less of a person, in fact when I was in therapy she made me feel safe, like I could be me, and that was ok.

– Mushi

I felt shame around my childhood abuse but therapy made me see that I was not to blame for any of it, and this released alot of guilt and pain for me, processing memories was difficult but I felt understood and heard.”

– Susan

I was being bullied at work and couldnt cope so I went off sick and started therapy with Kam, she was amazing, we worked through my issues one at a time at a pace that suited me. I felt stronger after each session and have managed to successfully move on from that toxic workplace and into a job where my boss values me. Thanks Kam, I couldnt have got here without your support.”

– Owen

“I felt confused about my sexuality and my faith doesnt tolerate homosexuality. Double whammy! I felt embarassed talking about it but Kam did not judge me and allowed me to explore what was happening for me. Its hard when your personal life choices clash with your faith but I was able to gain new perspectives and feel able to move forward without feeling so confused. Kam is a down to earth and warm counsellor, I would recommend her to anyone needing help.”

– Hasina

Kam put us at ease from the get go. We came for couples therapy and found her to be calming and professional yet gets straight to the heart of your issues. We can’t recommend her highly enough! A year on and our life is changed for the better, anxiety is manageable and bad relationship issues are a thing of our past.”

Mr & Mrs Khan

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