Day: July 12, 2016

The ‘I’ in Me

How often do any of us really sit and reflect on our selves and our lives? “We have no time to- life is so busy” this is often the resounding answer. So what does that mean-The I in me? It refers to the core of ourselves, the innermost hidden parts that we may not even be aware of or that we guard well. There is so much more to us than meets the eye. (Image by Stuart Miles at We are not only defined just by our names, ages and roles we play in life. We are defined by so much more which makes each and every one of us unique. This blog has been designed to make you think, reflect and appreciate the diversity of life within yourselves and others. To really focus on the I inside each of us that is often unheard, forgotten or ignored. We are made up of so many different aspects, and have various selves- our physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, social, cultural, religious and sexual selves. This is not an exhaustive list there are many other factors that make us unique- our age, gender, class, economic status etc. Our personal experiences in life shape

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Feeling Well

We often hear how important maintaining a sense of well being is, but what does that actually mean in practice? What factors contribute to feeling well? (image by  David Castillo Dominici at From researching this topic I have found what I believe to be important factors, in promoting good emotional health and well being. Good family relationships A manageable financial situation A positive work environment Community engagement and a good social network of friends, family and work colleagues. Health – this covers good physical health via eating well, exercising and sleeping enough. Emotional and psychological health via expressing emotions freely amongst trusted freinds and family or via a therapist. Self awareness, self acceptance and valuing oneself. Spiritual health for those who like to feel connected with universal energies, be that via God / organised religion or a belief in nature and appreciation for humanity at its best. Personal freedom – Feeling strong, empowered, liberated and in control of ones life. Personal values –knowing oneself, identifying whats important and striving to achieve it. Resilience and Patience to bear with lifes challenges Continue to stimulate the brain intellectually by learning new things to enhance and enrich your life. Realistically how many of

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