Day: August 18, 2016

Couples Counselling

Couple counselling can help by looking at relationship patterns, dynamics and conflicts. By working together, potential areas of difficulties can be identified, explored and addressed to help couples move forward and resolve issues arising that may be causing stress and upset. Couple counselling can be carried out with couples in any kind of relationship: hetero-sexual; homosexual, bi-sexual; transgender; married or co-habiting; separating or divorcing; love marriages and arranged marriages. Essentially it is about finding common ground between two people who care about each other and re-negotiating ways of being with one another to promote a harmonious union. Therapy can support couples to improve how they communicate and offers a safe space for both to feel heard and understood. Issues That Bring People to Couple Counselling Poor communication and problem-solving Repetitive arguments Sexual issues Porn addiction Jealousy An affair Ex partners causing issues Feelings of distance in the relationship Feelings of anger or resentment Managing a separation or divorce Broken trust Differences in parenting style Loss of attraction to partner Poor body image, low self esteem impacting on the relationship Gambling Issues Substance abuse issues Financial stress Loss of respect Domestic or Financial abuse Past childhood sexual abuse Lack of intimacy and other supportive and positive aspects

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