Day: February 20, 2017

The Secrets of Body Language

Did you know that upon first meeting a person you form a judgment of them within the first 30 seconds? This means that first impressions are important, particularly for job interview situations. However when discussing body language it is important to recognise the person as a whole and take into account the environment and situation. There are also various types of signs such as: The voice (tone, rhythm, volume) Mimicry (Everything that occurs on the face) The pose (posture) The gestures (body language) The distance (remoteness between people) Social Signs (clothing and cosmetics) The Skin (physical contact) Automatic signs (Physiological reactions) According to research only 7% of human communication is verbal. 93% of what we communicate with others is nonverbal. How amazing is that? Mastering the art of reading body langauge can be powerfully insightful and increase your awareness of self and others in an exponential way. Every moment you spend with others can be valuable whether thats in a business meeting, socially with freinds and family or around strangers in social functions. Every moment you spend with others can be enriching. Before I go any further though I must explain that body lagnauge can often be complex and easily

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