Day: July 30, 2019

Me.. Myself…& I

There was once a man called George Herbert Mead he was born in 1863 and was an American philosopher, Psychologist and Sociologist. Mead developed a theory around the concept of self, which explains that one’s identity emerges out of external social interactions and internal feelings of oneself. Self is not evident at birth but emerges over time through language, play, and games. The self consists of ‘me’ and ‘I’. The theory of the social self is based on the argument that the self is a social thing. There are three activities through which the self is developed:
1. Language 2. Play 3. Game Language allows the person to take on the “role of the other” allowing them to respond to his/her own gestures. Play allows the individual to “take on the role of others” (pretend) or (role playing) allowing them to express the expectations of significant others. Game allows the individual to comprehend the rules of the game.
So basically the “self” has two sides the “Me” represents the expectations & attitudes of others and is often known as the organized set of attitudes of others assumed by the individual. The “I” is the response to the “Me” or the person’s individuality

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The ‘I’ in ‘Me’

Knowing, Accepting & Loving your Authentic Self You create your own reality so think positively and take control of your life☺️ Hi there, my name is Kam and as a counsellor and social worker I would like to share with you my passion and curiosity regarding the human condition. I have a keen interest in understanding all aspects about the self. I enjoy working with people and find it fascinating to learn from others and see reflected back their personal journey through therapy. What is evident is that our identities are essentially who we are but what makes up our individuality? What ingredients if you like, go into making each and every one of us so different? Suffice to say we are not only defined by our names, ages and roles we play in life. We are a sum of many parts which makes each and every one of us distinctively unique. Its important that we think, reflect and appreciate the diversity of life within ourselves and others. To really focus on the ‘I’ inside each of us that is often unheard, forgotten or ignored we need to start listening to our gut instincts. We are made up of so

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